Sharing of raw data is not a requirement!

Join with data

Our main focus is on neurodegenerative diseases and detailed neuroimaging markers.

We are aiming to be as inclusive as possible. Therefore, existing studies can join but we can also utilize data that is already collected, such as part of routine clinical practice. The data only needs to include the following basic requirements:

    1. Availability of some form of imaging (MRI or CT)
    2. Clinical information (pathologically confirmed diseases, clinical diagnoses, proxy phenotypes, or even family history)

We do also appreciate the availability of additional data such as genetics or CSF.


Study design
Given novel meta-analytical methods that we developed, no sample size is too small to include. The study design could be:

      • Population-based
      • Case-control
      • Case-only
      • control-only
      • Clinical trial


Modes of participation
Depending on the available manpower and infrastructure for generating and analysing high-dimensional imaging markers, there are three options for participating:

      • Manpower and infrastructure available locally
        Scripts will be shared by the consortium, and run locally at the study site.
      • No manpower or infrastructure locally, individual-level data can be shared
        Studies can share their data for image processing by a consortium analyst if the UNITED resources allow this. The derived biomarkers will be returned to the study site.
      • No manpower or infrastructure locally, but individual-level data cannot be shared
        In these circumstances, it may be possible for a consortium analyst to perform image processing onsite. This can be discussed on an individual basis.



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The aim of the UNITED consortium is to be global platform for research on neurodegeneration that is inclusive of populations from currently underrepresented countries, including South America, Africa and Asia. It’s abbreviation – UNITED – underlines our position in bridging a divided world.


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