Uncovering neurodegenerative insights through ethnic diversity

A global platform for research on neuroimaging of neurodegenerative diseases inclusive of populations from currently underrepresented regions.

Webinar online!

Did you miss our recent webinar or would you like to watch it again? Watch it now here! 

WEBINAR: How can your local neuroimaging data have global impact?

It is not only large cohorts that can generate valuable results, smaller samples can also have a major impact when we collaborate together! The webinar will elaborate on the benefits of collaborative neuroimaging research and its global impact. Register here!

Featured Research Session AAIC 2021 on demand

We are very proud of our chief of imaging Tavia Evans and the other presenters for a great Featured Research Session last week during the Alzheimer's Association International Conference 2021. "Advancing Neuroimaging Studies in Diverse Ethnoracial Populations" was a...

Newsletter June

New board members, more information on our Featured Research Session at the AAIC and a sign-up for our webinar called “How can your local neuroimaging data have global impact?”. Read our latest newsletter here!

New board member: Prof. Suvarna Alladi

We are very thankful and happy to announce that Prof. Suvarna Alladi has agreed to become a member of our advisory board.

New board member: Udunna Anazodo

We are delighted to welcome Dr. Udunna Anazodo as a new member of our advisory board.

Featured Research Session at AAIC 2021

We are very excited to be presenting within a Featured Research Session at the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference 2021 (AAIC).

Update March 2021

To bring everyone up to date, we have created a video including all the latest developments around our consortium. Watch it now!

Meet our member #2: Natalia Ardashirova

It’s time to highlight one of our members again. This time we would like to introduce you to Natalia, she is a neurologist from Moscow.

Call in African Journal of Neurological Sciences

We are very pleased with our recent call published in the African Journal of Neurological Sciences.




Our collaborators

The aim of the UNITED consortium is to be a global platform for research on neurodegeneration that is inclusive of populations from currently underrepresented countries, including South America, Africa and Asia. It’s abbreviation – UNITED – underlines our position in bridging a divided world.
We are happy to anwser it! Please go to our contact form.