In July 2022, Hieab, Eliza and Tavia traveled to San Diego to the Alzheimer Association International Conference (AAIC). It was the first time in 3 years that we had the privilege to join the consortium in person.
We had the opportunity to talk to a wide range of individuals, some new and some established (however only through zoom or email!) and discuss the consortium, the current state of the research and the important need for representation! We also had the exciting opportunity to catch up on the developments and advancements within the field from South America during a focused lunch. This was a wonderful, albeit short, overview of the amazing developments occurring in the region.
Prior to the conference Tavia attended the pre-conference hosted by the Neuroimaging professional interest area: the Alzheimer Imaging Conference (AIC). As a newly appointed member of the executive committee she had the opportunity to chair a session. The day was a wonderful focus on developments and hot topic discussions in the neuroimaging research in Alzheimer’s disease. Additionally, the poster session saw wonderful engagement which was a breath of fresh air for early career researchers in a post pandemic world.

The conference had many highlights (highlights from the AAIC 2022 can be found here: ) including developments in clinical trials and risk factor identification! One of our personal highlights was however discussing these developments with you all and snapping your pics! A selection of these pictures can be found on our website.

After two near misses of having the conference close to our base (the pandemic sent one online and the other to Denver), we are excited to have the Netherlands hosting the AAIC 2023. We plan on having an additional focused consortium event – more information to follow soon!