“IN MUCH OF THE WORLD, MRI is simply unavailable. A team in the Netherlands hopes its scanner will change that.”

A recent article outlined the exciting developments in ultra-low-field MRI and the impact it is having on portable imaging, but also the potential it has for global accessibility. The article (read it here) in Science also introduces our new close collaborators from Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC), Dr. Andrew Webb and Tom O’Reilly (https://twitter.com/mri_lumc ) and also Dr. Josh Harper who is based in Paraguay. Together we will be working on a new project further testing the research and clinical utility of the ultra-low-field MRI developed at LUMC (also described in the article). This project is in further collaboration with Dr. Erick González Delgado, of the NeuroClinic in Santa Cruz de la Sierra in Bolivia.

With this exciting project we are bringing together multiple technical and clinical fields to investigate how we can best use these machines to further increase accessibility whilst not lowering the quality of care. The hope is that through using these machines we will also be able to further our knowledge in neuroimaging fields in populations where data is currently lacking. The impact is potentially enormous!

We will be at the AAIC2023 in Amsterdam if you would like to know more about this exciting project!

See the full Science article here.