Natalia Ardashirova


Profession: Neurologist at the Research Center of Neurology in Moscow, Russia.

Educational background: Medical Faculty of Lomonosov Moscow State University (2011-2017), Residency in the Research Center of Neurology (2017-2019), PhD student in the Research Center of Neurology (2019 – now).

Research focus: Neurodegenerative diseases and movement disorders. Current PhD project: assessment of microRNA as a biomarker for Parkinson’s disease.

Reason for joining UNITED: “This is a very interesting opportunity to unite data from different populations and see what is in common and what is the difference in different neurodegenerative disorders.”

Opinion on the current state of imaging research on neurodegeneration in Russia: Researches in this area are quite small and diverse, and they are not collected together and processed to find common patterns.

Highlight of her career: She participated in the creation of a book during her residency: a practical guideline for neurologists.

Fun fact: Natalia finished a course for yoga teachers and had some time of yoga teaching practice. 

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