We are delighted to welcome Dr. Udunna Anazodo as a new member of our advisory board.

Dr. Anazodo is originally from Nigeria but is now based in Montreal, Canada. She is working as a neuroimaging scientist at the Lawson Health Research Institute and as Assistant Professor at the Western University.

She is engaged in efforts to increase local capacity for neuroimaging research in Sub-Saharan Africa. Currently there is practically no imaging research in neurodegeneration in Africa. However, with training of highly qualified personnel and development of research capacity, this can be rapidly improved, according to Dr. Anazodo. Her ultimate goal is to complete a brain imaging project in Nigeria.

Together we hope to encourage and enable local researchers in Africa to use in vivo imaging tools to address their dementia research questions.

We are very much looking forward to working together. Dr. Anazodo will be providing valuable guidance and expertise on the field of neuroimaging in Africa.

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