We are very thankful and happy to announce that Prof. Suvarna Alladi has agreed to become a member of our advisory board.

Prof. Alladi is a professor of Neurology at the National Insitute of Mental Health and Neurosciences in Bangalore, India.

She has a background of 25 years of researching dementia and cognitive disorders in India, an ethnically and socioculturally diverse country. This has enabled a deep understanding of how diversity impacts the brain.

“My experience with conducting several international collaborative projects has provided insights into harmonising research between diverse groups. This expertise resonates with the aim of UNITED; to bring together research from global communities to advance science. I hope to extend the reach of UNITED to more diverse societies in the global South to advance our understanding of neurodegeneration and dementia.”

Asia is a large continent and includes diverse ethnic populations of East, South-East, South and Western Asia. Currently, there are some research groups across Asia conducting studies in brain imaging leading to some exciting insights. However, these efforts are still limited, especially in the low and middle-income countries and there is no active effort to harmonise research across these regions.

Together with, among others, the expertise of Prof. Alladi, UNITED will try to fill this gap and share the Asian perspective of brain research.

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