After two years without traveling due to the COVID19 restrictions, it was finally possible again. On February 23rd, the UNITED team left to South America. First stop was Lima! Here we followed an intensive Spanish course and had some very interesting meetings.

First of all, we had the pleasure to meet with neurologist Maritza Pintado-Caipo who is working at the Instituto Peruano de Neurosciencias. She had brought neurologist Sheila Castro, she is working at the Instituto Nacional de Ciencias Neurológicas and geriatrian Marcela Mar Meza who’s working at the Hospital Central Fuerza Aérea del Perú. All three of them are Senior Atlantic Fellow for Equity in Brain Health. During a lovely dinner, they told us about neuroimaging across the public and private hospitals in Lima, as well as the difficulties found in the diagnosis of neurological diseases. A great combination of good food and a good conversation.

We also had the magnificent opportunity to visit the INBIOMEDIC Perú center in Lima and to meet the amazing team of Dr. Heinner Guio, who showed us the facilities and explained their current projects and results in precision medicine, through advanced methods of molecular and genetic analysis. Great projects and collaborations are coming!

Next stop will be Arequipa, where we will give a MRI workshop to several local clinicians and researchers.